Stylish Footwear You Can Wear Anywhere

It will not be wrong if we say that today, the habit of buying and wearing footwear has moved on from being just a means of covering the foot. Even though in ancient times, wearing footwear was a commodity and nothing related to fashion, the times have now changed. Today, buying the right footwear and matching them with our outfits has become a fashion statement and a way of representing the social class.

From kids to working women, businessmen to college students, everyone is in search of a place that can cater to all their footwear-related needs. There are so many online stores that can be trusted when it comes to buying the right clothes or accessories, but not many when it comes to choosing the perfect footwear according to your likes and preferences. Let me tell you that your worries are now over because I have discovered Pavers!

Pavers fully understands that a good pair of footwear adds to our fashion appeal and helps us to create the desired look to satisfy our zeal for footwear. Did you know that a study shows that while judging or talking to a stranger for the very first time, people form first impressions based on the shoes they are wearing? This shows that the shoes we wear on daily basis reveal our attributes and overall personality.

When I found Pavers online, I realised that their collection of footwear makes our shoes speak louder than words! Whether I have to attend an important client meeting or I am going to lunch with my friends, all I have to do is order the right footwear from Pavers and half of my fashion struggles are already solved!

You will have to check out the online collection at Pavers to see which type of footwear suit your liking. There are so many different kinds of footwear available that it might take me days to list all of them here!

What I can do for my readers is talk about the footwear I have ordered from Pavers and how my experience was. To begin with, let me tell you that given below are the footwear which I would rate a 10/10. You can get these at Pavers with the best discounts and on sale all around the year.

White Footwear

White sneakers are trendy these days and they look super sharp on all genders. The best part is that they go with every outfit you own! A remarkable pair of white sneakers are available at Pavers. If you do not like the color white, you can also check out the site for a variety of colors.

Let me give you a small suggestion. If you want to go for a formal look, you can wear white sneakers with low-cut neutral trousers and any shirt you like. For a casual dinner or movie date, you can also pair them with shorts and a pastel shirt.

White sneakers are indeed available on a lot of footwear sites but what sets Pavers apart is its quality and fabric. It is so rich and elegant that I could not help but order more sneakers from the online store!


If I am being completely honest, the slippers I bought from Pavers have my heart. You would not believe the comfort they give you.

So what happened to me was, I had recently travelled for some office-related work and I had forgotten my slippers in the hotel itself. Once I got back home, I was travelling again the next day and I just could not do without my slippers. This is when I decided to order from Pavers because I trusted the brand and knew that they would deliver the footwear right the next day.

As expected, their timely delivery did not disappoint me. I not only received the package on time, but once I put on the slippers, I felt like I was in heaven! Now, I have ended up ordering slippers for my entire family from Pavers itself!

These are the two of my favourite categories of footwear that I love from Pavers. However, this is just the beginning and I am also a fan of their flats and wedges.

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