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A few years back when I was a college student, I was also participating in a lot of co-curricular to build up my resume. Basketball and Tennis were the two main sports that I used to indulge in. However, my coach had time and again told me to wear outfits that are comfortable and proper. Even though I initially ignored him, I noticed my performance degrading because of the tight clothes or uncomfortable joggers that I used to wear. My friend who used to play golf suggested Wilson Sporting to me. One day during practice, she showed me the online store of Wilson Sporting on her phone and told me to glance through it. From training equipment to accessories, they had everything for every sport!

When I went home that day, the first thing I did was place an order from Wilson Sporting. After I had purchased a few jerseys and comfortable bottom wear, I came across their “Autographed Basketballs” section! I could not resist ordering a few of these too! Since my big match was coming up, I was worried that the store would not deliver on time. However, Wilson Sporting delivered to my doorstep the very next day and that too with a complimentary gift card! I fell in love with the quality of their fabric and also ordered a tennis skirt and a sleeveless polo top for my tennis classes. My performance in both sports has drastically improved and my coach says I should be thanking Wilson Sporting the most! Once I won the tournament, I gifted myself a brand new tennis ball and basketball from Wilson Sporting. This was my way of thanking this flawless sporting brand!

Let us talk about daily wear now. We cannot do without a variety of clothes and that is why apparels have an essential role in our lives. In favour of this, I would mention that we spend a major part of our hard-earned capital on our clothes. If they fail to make people stop and stare then it is not worth spending. What is more important than people liking what we wear, is how comfortable and confident we feel in what we wear. One should always dress up their best according to place and occasion. The collection at New Look fulfils all these objectives of dressing up the right way. Without burning our pockets, New Look serves us both luxury and comfort. I have a routine of my own. I love the New Looks collection so much that each night before calling it a day, I check out their online store. Believe it or not, they do have new items to offer each day. Most nights, I also end up purchasing because of the new sales and discounts

I am a brand-conscious person. Here, my readers might have questions about what made me brand conscious as even clothes that are not clothes can make us look good. I would like to mention that I am brand conscious because I like to buy clothes which are of top quality. Some give up good quality because they think the good quality brands will be way too expensive. Here is where I turn to New Look. This brand turned out to be the perfect combination of affordable and great quality. From accessories to footwear, from clothes for men to clothes for women, their collection shouts classy and comfy at the same time.

I want my readers to have options when it comes to fashion. I did some more research and came across New York and Company. It came to my rescue on more occasions than one. Before my research, my best friend recommended New York and Company to me. Since she is a fashion designer, she is always looking for online stores where she can conveniently order a wide collection of all kinds of wear for all kinds of parties and formal occasions. New York and Company introduced me to products and brands that I didn’t even know exist.

Can you believe that this online store is loved by my mother too? My mother is old school and wears clothing items that are not easily available these days. They are mostly out of stock. New York and Company have several products in stock that I could not find anywhere else. Finally, let me tell you that I am a very forgetful person. I did not know New York and Company would solve this problem of mine too! The store is open 7 days a week and lets you regularly schedule the products you want to be delivered. Check out the “Rental” and “Clearance” pages on their website, and New York and Company will become your favourite online fashion store too!

Now that you know I love clothes, I also love comfort. I believe that clothes are not worth anything if they do not give us the comfort that we are looking for. Recently, Reiss took my definition of comfort to another level! Since I was going on an office-related trip for two weeks, I wanted to find formal wear that would both be stylish and comfortable. When I had almost given up, I saw an advertisement for Reiss on the internet. When I went to their online store, I realised that their collection of formal clothing was so vast that from Blazers to Trousers, they had everything!

I not only ended up buying about 6 pairs of coats in all colours and patterns but I was also intrigued to buy the extremely comfortable-looking blazer that Reiss offers especially to roam around in comfortably! I thought I would have to browse through other stores for decent swimwear options, but Reiss has those available too! When I received my orders from Reiss, I ended up recommending the store to all my office colleagues who were accompanying me on the trip. Some of my colleagues were impressed by their clothing collection and the variety of brands that they have on their website. Belts and bags that are usually out of stock in other stores were easily available at Reiss!

Thanks to Reiss, I am not only excited for my upcoming trip but am also confident that I have the best collection of formal wear and all the accessories required for a fashion statement look!

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