Glam Wedding Makeup Ideas for a Luxury Look

Your wedding day is the one day of your life when you are practically required to look extravagantly magnificent. Who wouldn’t want to go all out for their wedding? Magnificent wedding makeup must-haves include sharp contouring, false lashes, and as much shimmer and shine as possible the more, the better and buy it from Lookfantastic. The design can boost a more classic, simple wedding dress or complement a rhinestone- and beadwork-covered gown. It is also timeless; the makeup can be vintage-inspired, contemporary and flamboyant, or smoky Using pressed or loose setting powder, fix your concealer and foundation. Look for multifunctional formulations that may blur and minimise shine with a single brush stroke, absorbing excess oils for a flawless appearance.


Mascara is an absolute must-have in your bridal makeup kit, regardless of whether you seek length or volume. Add a couple of coats of your favourite mascara before applying artificial lashes, and lightly darken your lower lashes for added definition. Invest in strong waterproof mascara to prevent any smearing or flaking between photographs.


Additional eye definition will ensure that your eyes stand out in every wedding photograph. Use waterproof, blendable eyeliner to define your eyes. Try to avoid black, since it might make the eye area appear a bit harsh. Choose brown instead.

Regardless of the eye look, you’re looking for, chances are you’ll use at least one or two eyeshadows, if not an entire palette. Typically, brides try for a natural eye appearance, combining champagnes and pinks with matte browns. If so, the ideal palette will feature a range of rich matte browns and shimmering pinks that blend perfectly to create the ultimate nude eye. Include it in your bridal makeup kit for any touch-ups or smearing that may occur throughout the day.


Lipstick completes your makeup application, thus it is an essential component of your bridal cosmetic kit. We recommend keeping a tube on hand throughout the event for fast reapplications after meals or champagne. As there are so many formulations to pick from matte, satin, gloss, etc. it can be tough to select just one. Also, Buy it from Lookfantastic.


There is nothing better than a quality highlighter to give you that lit-from-within radiance. Seriously. It is all about selecting the appropriate recipe, whether it be powder, balm, or liquid. This wedding makeup staple should be dusted onto the brow bones, dabbed into the cheekbones, and buffed onto the décolletage for a radiant appearance.


Hairspray is the holy grail of bridal hair maintenance. Whether you’re sporting a ponytail, braids, an updo, or free-flowing locks, a spritz of this product will ensure that your hairstyle remains in place throughout the day buy them from Lookfantastic, Lightly spray the hair from a reasonable distance to prevent the strands from feeling sticky or tacky.


A quality eye primer is a glue that holds together your bridal beauty look. It secures even the most intricate eye makeup by holding the shadow and locking it in place, preventing it from creasing, smudging, or moving as the wedding progresses. It is also an excellent neutral basis for maximising the colour quality and pigmentation of eyeshadow.


We are aware that cosmetic brushes are required for makeup application. However, with the proper makeup brushes, even the most intricate beauty looks are simple to execute. Ensure that your bridal beauty kit contains the necessary meetings for applying powder, blush, foundation, bronzer, concealer, eyeshadow, and highlighter, as well as a stippling brush for blending. Remember to bring your brow brush and get them from Lookfantastic.

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