How to Style Mismatched Prints

Have you ever bought a bold colored skirt or a floral designed top and chickened out of wearing it at the last moment? Everyone has done that. We all have our share of fears about going out of the conventional way to style our outfits by pairing up the prints. However, there are some ways to add funk to your clothes with mismatched prints!

The pattern of the print lays the foundation for the desired style. Choosing patterns to match and pair requires some effort. Stripes have made a big name in the game. Stripes come in many shapes and sizes. And the best part? They go with everything! Patterns like houndstooth and animal prints are also trendy among mixing and matching styles. 

Now comes the mixing up of the colors. Make a bold statement at work or play safely in the next outing. When it comes to the outfit’s color scheme, there’s only one rule – matching colors should share some kind of relation. For example, they could be in the same tonal range, or they could be contemporary. Pairing up the outfits with printed accessories is also a great way to style for the day. 

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